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11 Top Tips to Getting Pregnant Fast

Article by Manisha Natha

If you want to get pregnant here are some tips to getting pregnant faster. Most people think that it is easy to conceive and have a baby, but lifestyle, diet and environmental factors can affect your chances without you realising.

So here are a few tips to get you on your way to getting pregnant faster.

1. Eliminate your Smoking, Drinking and DrugsIn order for you to get pregnant, you need to be healthy, this in turn creates an internal healthy environment for your baby to implant and grow.

Therefore the main thing you need to do before you start for a baby is stop smoking, drinking and recreational drugs immediately.

2. Boost Your Health Its all very well eliminating your above vices but you need to boost your health as well. This means your iron, zinc, folic acid etc.

Change your diet to increase your vitamin B complexes (folic acid), zinc and iron. This is especially important if you have been on the pill as the chemical changes can have an affect on your body for a long period of time.

Start taking multi-vitamin tablets suitable for women trying to conceive this will give you a boost of vitamins and minerals you may be lacking in your diet.

3. Mental Pregnancy Preparation It’s amazing, that your mental health can affect your chances of becoming pregnant. The stresses of day-to-day life can take its toll on your body and have a negative if not counteracting affect on getting pregnant. It’s your bodies’ way of saying it cant cope with getting pregnant.

Take time out for yourself, relax for 30 mins and recharge your energy levels and let your mind de-stress from the days events.

4. Chart Your CycleDon’t rely on ovulation sticks or the temperature (basal) method, as by the time you have ovulated it’s too late. Instead chart your cycle monthly using ovulation sticks, if you want, for a couple of months and figure out when you roughly ovulate each month. You should be having sex a couple of days before and during.

Also look out for other signs of ovulation, cervical mucus, increased sex drive, tender breasts or cervix positioning.

5. Frequent Sex This goes without saying really but having regular sex regardless of whether you are ovulating gets you pregnant faster. Also you get to enjoy each other without thinking about the purpose.

6. Internal Health Check See your doctor and get a thorough health check carried out, including a cervical smear and blood tests. Any untreated infections can be treated especially sexually transmitted ones, which can affect fertility.

7. Fun Sex All to often when you decide you want to get pregnant sex becomes a chore or just a means to an end. Spend some time to get intimate again, plan special evenings together. Some suggest that sex where both orgasm can increase conception chances. The muscle in the uterus contract to move the sperm upwards to meet the egg.

8. Sex Positions Sex positions where the female is on the bottom is best, as it stops the sperm from leaking out straight after sex. Don’t get up straight away let gravity do its bit. Again having the sperm in the vagina longer encourages it to move up into the cervix.

9. What You WearWearing cotton underwear is better for men to prevent low sperm count and encourage healthier sperm. For women it allows a breathable area preventing infections.

10. Caffeine Fix Cut back on caffeine to one cup of coffee a day. Research shows that the absorption of iron is significantly reduced when high levels of caffeine are consumed. Iron is important in conception and in pregnancy to reduce the risk of stillbirth.

11. Regular Exercise Having a regular moderate exercise routine not only maintains your general health but also releases hormones that stimulate fertility. However, take care not to have an intense routine which can actually significantly reduce yours and your partner’s chances of conceiving.

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