Pregnancy Advice To Live By (1 Comment)

Pregnancy Advice To Live By

Article by Melvin Ng

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and trying times of your life and both on the same day most of the time. The first thing to remember while you’re pregnant is that your emotions have now been officially put on a sea saw or teeter totter and will capriciously rise up and down, up and down, and then you’ll probably feel nauseous. The good news is that this generally only last for the first three months (don’t think this is set in stone though because it is different for everyone and this is only a very general guideline).

Pregnancy for many is a complete mystery as your body is suddenly invaded by the pod people and alien things are occurring and random and sometimes strange food cravings along with those violently shifting moods have you doubting your own sanity at times (don’t worry, you’ll get used to doubting your sanity and it generally won’t end until about the time your youngest child moves out).

There is so much advice that many people will give you about pregnancy, it all comes down to the following:

1) See your doctor regularly. This would seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised to find out how rarely it’s actually done.2) Drink plenty of water. Water is always important; this is especially true during pregnancy (plus it saves those empty calories other drinks occupy for nourishing foods).3) Eat a balanced diet. This doesn’t mean you can’t have any good stuff, just try to keep it balanced.4) Exercise. Consult with your doctor about healthy exercises to do while pregnant and stay active. This will aid not only in the pregnancy process but also in the delivery process.5) Don’t kill yourself by trying to stay in your size 5 jeans. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.6) Don’t drink alcohol. There are many myths flying that some is okay but the truth is there is not any hard evidence to support that any alcohol consumption is okay during pregnancy.7) Quit smoking. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but smoking could have profound impacts on the health of your child and it really isn’t worth the risk.

This is by no means a conclusive or definitive list but it is a good place to start. It’s difficult during the first trimester to eat a well balanced diet, but it is very important to you and your child. You want to speak regularly with your doctor in order to make sure everything is developing at the rate it should and that your baby is safe, sound, and off to a good start.

Remember that you will be getting a lot of advice throughout the course of your pregnancy most of it by well meaning friends and loved ones who are trying to be supportive. The most important thing is that you discuss these things with your doctor and do what you feel (after getting correct information) is the right thing to do in your situation. We are all different and every pregnancy will be just as different.

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